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100 Healthy Days™ Week 9- Review, Reflections, and Recommitments

Taking responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices is vital to you and your family’s well-being. We love seeing our patients and practice members getting younger and healthier every year as they commit themselves to Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and healthier lifestyle choices. Learn to love the things that are good for you and make them a priority.

Trust your Innate Intelligence

As you begin to turn things around with your choices, your body and mind will strengthen. You will feel yourself getting sharper and younger in mind and body. This will give you the confidence to continue. Also, your body’s Innate Intelligence makes trillions of new cells for you throughout your lifetime. If there is no interference, it will keep you functioning at your highest level for a lifetime. Read more about innate intelligence on our 100YL article, Artificial Intelligence VS Innate Intelligence.

Let Go of Trying to Control the Things That Are Out of Your Control

Focus on the things that you truly can change. Through this acceptance and letting process, you will begin to formulate a transition strategy that will help you transform your environment. Trying to control all the things that are out of your control is like trying to control gravity. Accepting the things that are out of your control and facing the reality of them will open the door to exciting opportunities. This simple connection can be life-changing; because now, instead of us getting angry when things do not go our way, we can step back and enjoy them. Read more about letting go of things you cannot control in our article; We Can’t Control Gravity.

Choose Your Own Hierarchy

If your Health Care Hierarchy has been crisis motivated and you have been on a crisis roller coaster, choose to make self-care a priority, and get yourself on track. Decide which self-care strategies are the most appealing to you and begin to make them a part of your lifestyle, one day at a time and one choice at a time.

Examples of Health Care & Self-Care: Health Care – What you do for yourself to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy and functioning at your highest level – utilizing the skills of trained health care professional. Self-care would be brushing and flossing your teeth.

Health Care is seeing a dentist. Self-Care is having good posture. Health Care is having a chiropractor examine and adjust your spine and nervous system. Health Care is having a chiropractor examine and adjust your spine and nervous system.

Read more about health care and self-care in our 100YL article, Health Care Values of Stressless People.


How would you like to perform at 100 % for 100 years? How you perform as you age will depend on how you take care of your body every day along the way. If you wait for a crisis or an injury to make your health a priority, then you have waited too long and will most likely suffer the consequences. Listen to our 100YL Podcast Episode 14- Human Potential Geek Dr. Josh Handt Trains For 100 Mile Challenge. Dr. Plasker interviews Dr. Josh Handt as he preps for his 100-mile race, and he is “not a runner.” They discuss human potential, explore possibilities and strategies to be your best you today that is also sustainable over the course of a lifetime!


Your Ideal Health AND Crisis Care Team

When it comes to your health care, does your doctor or team of doctors have your back? Do you trust that your health care providers will guide you in the right direction? Through this journey called health, are your doctors inspired to help you reach your health goals, or do you feel they are just doing a job, going through the motions to get paid? Read which characteristics you should look out for from your healthcare providers in our article, Who’s Got Your Back?

The Compelling Principle

If you are going to make a change, make it with your long-term vision in mind. The quality of changes that you make today will improve your life quality, not just today but over the long-haul.

Listen to our 100YL Podcast’s very first episode; Your 100 is Coming, You Make the Call! Dr. Eric Plasker talks about embracing the reality of your potential life expectancy and how to develop an exciting vision for your extended life!

Have Gratitude and Appreciate Your Current Environment

Look for the good right where you are and make the most of your current environment. If you are not willing to take the time to begin constructing your compelling future in your current environment, you will probably re-create the past in your new one if you move.


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