Chiropractic's 125th Birthday

Location: Batterton Chiropractic
Date: Month of September with Party & Cake on Friday,9/18/20

Chiropractic 125th             In honor of Chiropractic’s Birthday, we will be offering New Patient Consultation, Exam, Scan, X-rays, Therapy, and Report of Findings for $125 during the month of September.* {Value : $360}   Join us on Friday, Sept. 18th for Cake and Celebration!     Call Batterton Chiropractic at (713) 861-9168 621 West 19th Street Houston, TX  77008   (*Offer does not apply to Medicare, Car accidents, or Federal Insurance)

Back to School Kid's Promo

Location: Batterton Chiropractic Clinic
Date: September 1st to 25th, 2020

Hello! It’s here…Back to School.  How can that be and where, oh where, did summer fly off too?  Can you tell that in our home we’re just not quite ready to be back to school yet ?  Are you with us on that? We have a question for you…as the families you know prepare for the school year, which includes various health check ups, do they schedule appointments with the podiatrist to have their kids’ eyes tested?  What about an appointment with the dermatologist to have their kids’ hearing tested? CRAZY, right? We think so too!  Undoubtedly every parent wants the very best for their children and therefore they take them to specialists for check ups and care.  Makes sense, right? What about their kids’ spines?  Who are they entrusting to evaluate their kids’ spines and nerve systems, which holds their entire frame together and controls all bodily functions?  A SPECIALIST? As chiropractors, we are specifically trained to evaluate and correct challenges in the spine and nerve system that can and WILL cause future health problems.  It’s no big secret that the medical doctor and I evaluate the body differently.  It’s also likely no surprise to you that my focus is on OPTIMUM health, not just staying one-step ahead of health dangers. In order to ensure the kids you know have COMPLETE health check ups and physicals prior to school and sports this year, We invite you to share the enclosed invitation with them.  They will be given the opportunity to schedule a check up and thorough spinal evaluation in my office for their kids.  And YEP…it’s on me…FREE ($150 value)!!!  Just make sure to let them know that they must schedule their kids’ appointments and bring them to my office by September 25th, 2020. If they’re concerned about time…keep one thing in mind…how much time would be demanded out of their busy schedule if their child gets hurt because of underlying spinal problems? Did you know that regular chiropractic care DRAMATICALLY improves immune function?  Want a healthier, sick-free year?  It begins with a check up and then get ready for a SMOOTH-SAILING, no missed days, year!! We look forward to serving those sweet cherubs that you know and love.  Here’s to the BEST school year EVER!!   In Health, Dr. Paula Batterton, Dr. Natalie Griffith, & Dr. Amy English Batterton’s Chiropractors