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Healthy S’mores Remake and Dip


Whether it’s kids coming home from camp or family time around a campfire, someone is going to ask for, actually demand, S’mores. They’re a favorite outdoor treat, not known for being healthy. Until now. Luckily, this recipe for Healthy S’mores Remake and Dip will allow you to update a classic while satisfying their cravings and putting a chocolatey smile on their faces. 

The combination of milk chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows has inspired everything from ice creams to pies, cakes, cookies, and even teas. What’s not to love? 

But even if you’re willing to splurge and give in to your cravings, all those calories with little to no nutritional value are more than most of us are comfortable consuming. The good news is, you can up the nutrition without giving up any of the flavor, texture, or fun!


Marshmallows – Today these fluffy little mounds of melty goodness are readily available in stores and online without the corn syrup, artificial flavorings, and animal gelatin. Simply shop for a vegetarian or vegan brand, ideally organic, that lists sugar as the only sweetener on the label. 
Graham Crackers – Traditionally, these are low fiber cookie-like crackers. Luckily, options with higher fiber and lower sugar are available! Look for brands that use whole wheat or almond flour and contain flax seeds. Again, organic is best!
Chocolate – While Hershey’s has pretty much had the corner on the S’mores market, it’s not the only chocolate in town. In fact, instead of going with milk chocolate, really up the nutritional value by opting for a darker chocolate with high amounts of cacao. The higher the cacao percentage, the more flavonoids and antioxidants. While dark chocolate isn’t considered a health food, it is considered to be heart-healthy and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Don’t forget to make it organic!

Do It Differently – Dip It

Now that you have the makings of a new type of S’more, it’s time to really mix things up. No campfire in sight? No problem! 

Take a skillet or baking pan and layer the bottom with your dark chocolate. Either break your bars into pieces or use dark chocolate chips for faster melting. Place in a 350 degree oven until melted.

Remove the pan and top with your healthy marshmallows. Place in the oven until toasted and gooey.

Remove from oven and serve with your upgraded crackers or rice cakes – or apple slices, strawberries, pineapple chunks, or fruit of choice!

Any leftovers (unlikely) can be reheated at 350 degrees until melted. 

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