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Lots to See!

“Don’t stop just because you’re getting older. There’s lots of places to go, lots of places to see, lots of places to experience.” Those are the words of 100-year-old James Ziegler who is still hitting the road in his RV  at the age of 100. And he has no plans of stopping or even slowing down for that matter.

James has always been a traveling man. During his lifetime he’s been to 130 countries. He’s been to Antarctica. Three times he’s traveled across the US. He has drive his RV as far as the tip of South America. And he’s climbed the Great Wall of China – three times.  In fact, he was traveling long before he began his RVing lifestyle. He didn’t start that until he was 70 – almost 31 years ago. While his family does keep tabs on him, and his son has started to accompany him on some of his trips, James is still living his 100 Year Lifestyle. He walks one-half mile every day. He doesn’t smoke or drink. And he still enjoys the freedom of his RV lifestyle.

Whether he realizes it or not, James’ love of traveling goes a long way to keeping his brain active. As people age, it’s easy to get caught up in a complacent lifestyle. They tend to enjoy the quiet life that includes watching their television shows and traveling around their houses instead of around the world. The 100 Year Lifestyle is all about staying active mentally and physically. And travel does that for you and more!

Clearly, James has been and still is living his 100:100. He doesn’t think much about his age, and doesn’t let the number stop him. He’s enjoying the world on his own terms. Want to read more about James’ life and lifestyle? Keep reading


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