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Need vs. Want

Contributed by Dr. Josh Handt, Affiliate in New City, NY

Are you the kind of person who only takes care of yourself when you are in desperate need and in the middle of a crisis? Do you know anyone else like this? Or do you take care of yourself because you want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle? Shifting your motivation from crisis to lifestyle is life changing and easier than you think.

Crisis Care choices are based on what you need at a given moment in time to survive the crisis. Lifestyle Care choices are based on what you want so that you can optimize your quality of life now and in your future. At some point, if you truly want to get the most out of life you are going to have to transition your thinking and your actions from Need to Want. This includes how you take care of your spine and nervous system.

Crisis care people only take care of themselves when they feel like something is wrong. The problem is that only 10% of your central nervous system deals with sensation and when that is interfered with, you feel pain. What does the other 90% do?

Your autonomic nervous system makes up approximately 45% of the remaining 90% of nerves and controls all your organs, glands and systems. The remaining 45% of the nerves control motor function which includes your muscles. When these two parts of the nervous system experience interference, you may get signs or symptoms other than pain such as allergies, sinusitis, low energy, digestive disturbances, muscle spasms, weakness or fatigue.

Crisis care people treat the symptoms. This is what the media and drug ads teach us to do. We are trained to use medication to hide the problem or symptom, not to correct the cause of the problem. This perpetuates our underlying problems and causes them to get worse over time. We feel better because our symptoms are altered, while our bodies continue to deteriorate.

Lifestyle Care people remove the cause and make Lifestyle Care a priority regardless of how they feel. When they go to a restaurant, they make healthy food choices. When they go to a grocery store, they fill their carts with live foods such as fruits and vegetables and lean meats. They avoid eating sugar. When it comes to their chiropractic checkups, they are consistent with their Lifestyle Care so they can function at their highest potential.

Isn’t it time that you make this transition for yourself and your loved ones? Don’t wait for the crisis. A healthier, more vibrant future is waiting for your shift from Need to Want. We’ll see you and your family at your next appointment.

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