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Nursing, Nutrition and Nerve Supply

Nursing, nutrition and nerve supply are essential for healthy babies and children. Without these building blocks, your child’s health can be compromised and affect them for the rest of their life. With them, your infants and children will have the ability to grow and develop in a healthy way, adapt to their environment and express their full potential for a lifetime.


Nursing provides newborn babies and infants the nourishment they need to grow. Breast milk has the perfect combination of proteins, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Leukocytes, also present in breast milk, are living cells that help build your baby’s immunity and fight infection. Enzymes and hormones that are present in breast milk are ideal for your baby’s development. If breast feeding is or was not an option for your family, there are some high-quality natural alternatives available that can be researched online.


As babies and toddlers move to solid foods, smart choices that provide good nutrition will continue to fuel their growth and development. Lean sources of protein found in turkey and fish along with vegetables and fruit provide a rainbow of colorful nutrients that lead to a strong immune system, healthy bones and normal development. Getting kids accustomed to healthy food as a way of life when they are young will develop their taste and the healthy habits that carry them into their teenage years and adulthood. Laying a solid nutritional foundation when they are young is essential.

Nerve Supply:

A healthy foundation is also important as it relates to their structure, spine and nerve system. Healthy nerve supply is the most important and most neglected element of a child’s foundation for optimum health. The nerve system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue and organ of the body and adapts your child to their environment. The same is true for you.

The nerve system regulates the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, while also working to eliminate waste and toxins from your body. Your nerve system coordinates muscle activity and balance, and regulates your heart and breathing. With over 45 miles of nerves relaying over 3 million messages every second between your brain and every cell in your body, the health of your nerve system must be your top priority.

Injuries to the spine and nerve system called Vertebral Subluxations can occur during the birth process, while learning to walk, tumbling and falling, or sitting too much in front of a video game. Physical, chemical or environmental stress to the body whether they appear dramatic or seemingly insignificant can also take their toll and lead to problems. These subluxations can slow development, weaken immune systems and cause behavioral challenges, or they can lie dormant for decades and lead to problems down the road. Vertebral subluxations are easily detected through a chiropractic examination.

Nursing, Nutrition and Nerve Supply are all very important. If you are about to begin nursing a newborn or wean your baby, this article is great timing. If you have already done that and are raising your children, then this is also good timing. Either way, now is the time to take care of your child’s spine and nerve system so they can optimize their health for a lifetime.

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