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Performance 100

How would you like to perform at 100 percent for 100 years? If you enjoy running or Crossfit, would you want to stop because of an injury? If you enjoy cycling, tennis, golf or any other sport don’t you want to be able to participate in that sport with joy over the course of your entire lifetime? Of course you would.

We are learning through the longevity potential of today’s hundred-year-old people, that this is a possibility. Within just a few years a new running program called the 100 year dash was started and it attracts people who are 90 and 100+ years old running the 100-meter-dash. The most recent winner was Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins who set a record completing the 100 year dash in 40.12 seconds.

How you perform as you age will depend on how you take care of your body every day along the way. If you wait for a crisis or an injury to make your health a priority, then you have waited too long and will most likely suffer the consequences.

Performance 100

There are 5 Principles of 100 Year Lifestyle FitNESS that will help you perform at your highest level for a lifetime. They are:

Neurology = Function

Neurology comes first! Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of your body functions including your muscles, organs and systems. You must have a healthy nervous system for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe and your balance to be stable. This is why many of the top athletes and performers in the world utilize chiropractic care as a central part of their fitness program.

Nutrition = Fuel

Your nutritional habits will fuel your life. Consuming a diet filled with organic fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, very low in sugar and processed foods, should be the way you eat as a lifestyle. Isn’t it time you get off the weight loss roller coaster, cleanse, and make healthy eating a daily habit? This will sustain you not just while getting into shape but will keep you healthier as you age.

Endurance = Longevity

Life is a marathon one day at a time. Through cardiovascular exercise which includes walking, running, bike riding and any activity that will increase your heart rate, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system. Start slow and steady, be consistent and as time goes by increase the frequency, intensity and duration of your endurance training. You will be amazed at how your body progresses.

Strength = Independence

If you want to be independent as you age, you must make your strength a priority today. Whether you use weights or do strength training through yoga, Pilates or other types of Plyometric training, it is important to keep yourself strong as a part of a lifestyle.

Structure = Activity

The health of your structure will determine the level of activity you can enjoy. Having a healthy, straight, strong spine is vital to your quality-of-life and fitness in the short and long-term. This is another reason why chiropractors have become a central figure on the healthcare team for millions of people, including the U.S. Olympic Team.

Being active and independent will be an important factor in your immediate and long-term happiness. Follow these Performance 100 principles and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Article Contributed by Dr. Eric Plasker

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