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Those Annoying Aches and Pains

Do You Have Any Annoying “…Aches?”

Do you have any annoying “…aches?” Are they in your head, neck, back or stomach? How about your eyes, ears, nose and throat? How about your heart, bladder or bowel? Annoying “…aches” can reduce your quality of life dramatically. They can keep you from work and keep your children out of school. They can hinder your relationships and they can cause you more severe problems down the road as you age.

Too Many People Cover Up Their “…Aches.”

Too many people cover up their “…aches” with dangerous prescription and non-prescription medication hoping that one more pill will fix the underlying cause. This rarely, if ever, happens. In fact, just the opposite is often true.

For example, chronic aspirin use can lead to ulcers. Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, can cause liver failure, especially when mixed with alcohol. NSAIDS, like Motrin and ibuprofen, can cause your kidneys to fail. This is especially true when you consider the impact of time on the habit of masking symptoms with drugs.

You Have Other Options

Fortunately, you have other options, better options, and the answer often comes from within.
When your spine and nervous system is functioning properly, your body has the ability to heal itself from nearly every “…ache” that you might feel. Your nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue and organ of your body. It is your body’s natural IT, information technology, system.
When your natural IT system is functioning properly, your body gets the right messages to help you heal. The chemical balance can be normal. The adaptation responses can be appropriate. The healing response during times of injury or when there are “…aches” is right on.

You Will Be Amazed at Your Body’s Ability to Heal

You will be amazed at your body’s ability to heal from the annoying “…aches” that you experience when your IT system is balanced and aligned.

Beyond healing from injuries, aches and pains, if you keep your IT system functioning at its highest level long enough for your body to regenerate, you can expect a much higher level of health throughout your entire lifetime.

What makes this approach unique is that the goal is not to treat the symptoms by covering them up, manipulating your body chemistry or artificially altering the way you feel. By removing interference to your nervous system and balancing out your structure and spine, your body can repair itself on its own. You will be amazed at how much you have tolerated as “normal” once you see your body respond.

Removing the interference leads to spontaneous and long term healing. Before you take another drug to cover up the symptoms, research the medication on Learn as much as you can about it. Research the side effects over the long haul. The longer you take something, the more likely you are to experience the long list of side effects that you may not feel yet.

Living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle is not about barely surviving, having to cope with suffering, or rotting away as you age. It is about living your best life every day and staying healthy throughout your lifetime. Believe in yourself and your ability to heal from those “…aches”. Believe in your ability to function. Make the commitment to your health and invest in your immediate and long term well-being with chiropractic Lifestyle Care.

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