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What’s Your Number?

Some people are excited about living to be 100. Some are scared of the thought. Either way, it is important to realize that you may not have a choice. 100 year old people are the world’s fastest growing group. How many of them do you imagine planned to live so long?

If your number is not 100, what’s your number? Is it 63? 78? 107? If you had quality years during every one of those years, why would you ever want to check out? When you focus on your number, making quality of life choices and making the most of every day becomes a priority.

Three simple steps will immediately improve the quality of your life from this point forward:

1.Develop a long term vision for your quality of life. Create an image in your mind of how you want your life to look as you age. You can get away with abusing your body and mind for a few months or years but in a little while it will catch up with you. The wake-up call can be devastating. Keeping a long term vision in your mind creates a compass for your life. Most people do not want to wake up in ten years and look in the mirror at a sick, overweight, stressed out, broken down reflection. Instead, paint the picture of your ideal long term vision and make daily choices that support it. <b>Life Changing Principle #3: If you make a change make it with your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle in mind.</b>

2.Make choices today that support the long term vision. Choices that improve your quality of life today will automatically support you in a better quality of life as you age. We see this in chiropractic Lifestyle Care patients who make the health of their spine and nervous system a priority in their life. As they age, they are able to stay active and more functional. Many describe feeling younger even though they are older chronologically.

Healthy food choices fall into the same category. They will help you feel better today and keep you younger and healthier as time goes by. Life Changing Principle #2: Change comes one choice at a time; think progress not perfection.

3.Make the change. If you make the same New Year Resolutions year after year, stop kidding yourself. You have not yet truly committed. Make this year your year. Do not settle for mediocrity. Your current habits are causing you some level of suffering but not quite enough to do something about it. Sooner or later, the comfort of staying the same will become extremely uncomfortable because of a crisis that forces you to take action. Commit to the quality of life changes today and enjoy the benefits for decades. Life Changing Principle #1: Change is Easy. Thinking about Change is Hard. When you commit to change, you diminish the suffering and begin to enjoy your best life every day.

Our 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate chiropractic office is committed to helping you enjoy the best quality of life possible so that regardless of what your number is, you make the most of every year along the way. We’ll see you at your next appointment!

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