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Your Next Big Thing


Are you hibernating this winter? Are you basking in the holiday feeling? Or are you thinking ahead to the New Year and ready for your Next Big Thing?


The fact is, every time the calendar page turns, the clock ticks, or we take a breath, we have the opportunity to create change. Right now, what would get you excited about the next phase of your life? Choosing Your Next Big Thing will bring incredible passion back into your life. Expose yourself to new and exciting people, and bring the little kid inside of you back out again.

Are you ready to come out of your cave and commit to your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle? If not now, when? Open your eyes. See the people who are there to support you. Once you commit to Your Next Big Thing, you will be amazed by how much support you will attract.

No matter what your age is today, there is always a new “Next Big Thing” to commit yourself to—what will it be for you today? A business? A charity? Travel? People you would like to meet? Make a list of Your Next Big Things that you would like to accomplish or experience in your extended life. Meditate or pray over your list for a few weeks and see if you can gain clarity over what Your Next Big Thing is going to be. Commit to it and make it happen. Enjoy the journey along the way. The second you commit to it, your passion will surface and you will feel that youthful energy deep in your gut. You will attract the support you need to make it happen.

Embracing Change

Embracing change as a part of your lifestyle eliminates the frustration that resisting change can create. Technology, for example, is here to stay and the one thing that we can be sure of is that there will constantly be new products, services, and ideas that transform the way we live our lives. We are fortunate to grow up in an age of innovation. Over the course of our 100 Year Lifestyle, we can be sure that this trend will continue. Continue to embrace innovation with a willingness to learn.

Ignite Your Passions

What would you like to learn over the next 30, 40, or 50 years of your life? Would you like to learn about wine and food? Maybe you’re interested in learning about different cultures and visiting them all? Perhaps it would be exciting for you to learn how to build and sell a company? Do you want to write a book? Maybe you would like to become a master of healthy relationships and learn how to surround yourself with them. There is no time like the present to begin making the changes that you know you need to make and to start setting exciting new goals, your Next Big Things! Take care of your health to get where you’re going in style! Find a provider near you today!


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